Baby steps.

I swear I had good intentions, but didn’t exactly follow through with them.

Way back in October, I had lofty blog dreams. I like to think that I still do.  But these innocent aspirations were swiftly squashed by a hectic schedule and admittedly poor life/work balance as I scrounged for those last ounces necessary to conquer my undergraduate career once and for all. This blog, in its helpless infancy, was quickly and unfortunately discarded.

So — to make things short n’ sweet — I have recently reunited with my once forgotten and blatantly ignored blog-intentions. No more school = no more excuses.

Therefore, dear friends, please consider this my humble relaunch. I’m giving this another go. Stay tuned… I mean it this time.


3 responses to “Baby steps.

  1. Give it your best shot this time, I have realized that blogging is one thing that gives you confidence to think and have your own opinion in this freaking crowd.I have also been blogging for almost 7 months now and had the thought of stopping everything many times, but every time one thing starts dawning at me that I love blogging.
    So I found my kickstarter and finally I have started blogging more consistently then before.

    Have a great time with your blog…..

    • Thanks for your feedback/encouragement!
      I’m learning to relax with this — it doesn’t have to be perfect, and this will hopefully grow into something bigger over time.

      Good luck and thanks again!
      – Jen

  2. hurray!
    (also, thanks for featuring my flip flops. can you believe they’re still around? i’ve worn them for three summers now.)

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