Closing time: an introduction of sorts.

Closing time, open all the doors/And let you out into the world

Over the next two months, I will be closing a significant chapter of my life and embarking on a terrifying, exhilarating new adventure. In other words: wrapping up my years as an undergraduate student and entering the Real World – a world of job hunting, soul searching, and important decisions. While I am looking forward to bidding adieu to the wonderful world of research papers, group presentations, and endless caffeinated nights, I am one hundred percent uncertain as to what I will be doing once January rolls around. Eep.

Don’t get me wrong – I have ideas of what I’d like to be doing. I am an idea machine, changing my mind regularly, constantly adding to my long list of Careers I’d Like to Pursue. My ideas are both short term and long term, realistic and ambitious. For example: obtaining a job within the social services field this winter, as most of my academic years have been spent studying Social Development [although my degree will technically read “Liberal Studies…” But that’s another story for another day]. Though the goal of working within social services is pretty realistic, it is also incredibly vague – where do I start? Loftier goals include eventually earning a Masters degree, maybe become a teacher/professor, maybe dabble in design, maybe start a non-profit organization of my own. These ideas are all valid, but for the most part are unlikely to take shape within the next few years.

In the meantime, I intend to continue learning about possibilities, exploring options, and building connections. I have blogged about my Ukrainian experiences recently, which is just one reason why I’m starting over here. New chapter, new adventures, brand new blog? Voila.

Stay tuned, check back often, and feel free to comment or connect with me over email via jendeweerd[at]gmail[dot]com.

Closing time, every new beginning/Comes from some other beginnings end.


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