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My brief intentions.


If you’re reading this, you may have a few unanswered questions. Such as, who does this girl think she is? And what does she aim to do with this here blog? And what’s the point of reading what she has to say?! 

Unfortunately, I don’t have nice, neat, concise, or convenient answers to these questions. I am a twenty something almost-grad who considers herself a constant work in progress. And as for why I created this blog – I figured it was time to be proactive and (according to Nike) just do it. I thought that blogging would be a great way to share my thoughts and ideas, connect with others and begin to network, and spark a few conversations and/or debates.

So here I am, diving back in to the wonderful world of blogging. I have previously dabbled in the blogosphere, as I recently spent my summer volounteering in Western Ukraine and kept track of my (mis)adventures and experiences online. I have been procrastinating in terms of my so-called blog return, I wanted everything to be just right. Get all my ducks in a row before officially doing anything ‘permanent’ with a new Internet home. I wanted to have a snappy name, I wanted to have a specific audience in mind, I wanted to be crystal clear on what I wanted to achieve with a new blog.

However – I still don’t have a snappy name in mind, and am unsure as to who is really reading this. I hope that over time I will be able to narrow down my goals and ideas in regards to what I hope to learn and experience through blogging. But I did convince myself to just do it. To just take a leap, to fly by the seat of my sweatpants, and to get on with it. So it is what it is – and I hope that this space will evolve and grow as time goes on.

Enjoy the ride.